HTTP Security Headers for IIS - Windows and Tool

If you found your application missing  with various security headers which can prevents various kinds of attacks. HTTP security headers provide yet another layer of security by helping to mitigate attacks and security vulnerabilities.

Here we will provide information as how to include those header using IIS.

First visit to check will header are missing.

Complete list is as follows.

   * Open IIS Manager
   * Select the Site you need to enable the header for
   * Go to “HTTP Response Headers”
   * Click “Add” under actions
    * Enter name, value and click Ok

  • X-Content-Type-Options Header

Name : X-Content-Type-Options
Value : nosniff

  • X-Frame-Options Header

Name :X-Frame-Options
Value : DENY

  • X-XSS-Protection Header

Name : X-XSS-Protection

Value : 1; mode=block

  • Content-Security-Policy Header

Name : Content-Security-Policy
Value : default-src 'self'

Name : Content-Security-Policy
Value : script-src 'self'

default-src     Load everything from defined source
script-src     Load only scripts from defined source

  • Referrer-Policy Header

* Update soon

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