Solved : Make CJ link for any Advertiser website product URL

If you don't found the product URL in Advertiser's product list at CJ then use the CJ's Deep Link Generator.

Following are the steps

1. Visit and look for GREEN button titled "Deep Link Generator". You will find it under "How to Get it"

2. Drag the "Deep Link Generator" button to BOOKMARK Tab, You need to make BOOKMARK Tab visible before draggin.

3. Now login to your CJ publisher account and visit the ADVERTISER site in new TAB.

4. Visit product page of your interest at ADVERTISER site and click on "CJ Deep Link Gernerator". If you have active CJ account with that ADVERTISER you will get the CJ affiliate URL in POPUP below BookMark Tab titled "Here is your Deep Link URL!" and your CJ profile will appear in header.


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