Beware from New Google Chrome Malware VIRUS Scam Missing FONT

The New Chrome hack prompts users to download ‘missing font’ to sneak in malware into the computer.

* Wordpress sites are compromised more

* First of all, the dialog window has been coded to show the user is running Chrome's 53 version. If this is not the version you have installed in your computer, that might be a clue that something isn't right.

* There's also a problem with the file names: When clicking the "Update" button, a file titled "Chrome Font v7.5.1.exe" will be downloaded. But this name doesn’t match the one shown in the malicious instruction image, which would read "Chrome_Font.exe."

* Chrome is currently not filtering out the file as malicious. So you should always exercise caution when downloading or installing anything from the internet onto your computer.


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