5 best iphone apps available for free for a limited time

Today we found following iphone apps available for free today March 3/7/2017 and now. Hurry up before they go again made paid apps.

1. Pinyin Chart

Join over 500,000 students and perfect your Chinese pronunciation with the most popular Pinyin Chart on the app store! What's more, Pinyin Chart was awarded at the 2015 Top 50 World Excellence App Competition at Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC)!


2. Bill Assistant

Featured in The Independent UK Newspaper

Bill Assistant keeps track of your bills for you.


3. CALC Swift By QApps LLC

Get more Time with CALC Swift ~ Time is our most precious commodity, that's why we offer this version of the infamous CALC without the Converter and Graphing features enabled. Designed to let you zip through your daily math in your own unique style!


4. Countr - Quick Count
By Random Projects LLC

Whether you’re taking attendance of people at a meeting or assembly, or counting how many items are going past you in a line, you can now easily keep track by just tapping your screen.


5. Again went paid TranslateSafari broken heart

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